EFOSAFETY® landfilled military defense units have also been used to create environmental protection barriers, build temporary accommodation and provide high level of security control.

EFOSAFETY Military defense unit is a multi-cell barrier system made of heavy-duty, non-woven polypropylene geotextile and welded Zinc-Aluminum coated steel mesh.

The unique design, durability and versatility make it possible to create easily formed corners, and when the system is combined and filled, it will create obstacles to the environmental protection area and create obstacles of exceptional strength and structural integrity.


Thanks to its strong structure, it eliminates small logistics problems and provides high protection. Easily cleaned where they are deployed. Significantly reduces environmental impacts where defense is costly.

What does it protect against?

  • Explosives and Batteries
  • RPG7, Thermobaric Headers
  • 50MPH 66K LBS Vehicle Crash
  • 7 / 14.5 / 30MM Caliber Weapon Systems
  • 120MM Mortar
  • 81MM Mortar
  • Artillery Weapons

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