Drinking water, communications, hospitals and electricity are some of the most critical infrastructure organizations. While the pollutants are flooded, the result can be devastating for years to come.

Floods and expected impacts are difficult to predict in advance. And in most cases, when disaster is threatened, using sandbags is often too late and inadequate to prevent damage. So far, sandbags have been standardized for flood protection, although it is widely accepted that they are both time consuming and ineffective.

We designed a series of flood control barriers. EFOSAFETY Sel Hesco Barrier technology provides highly efficient and cost effective flood protection and is very easy to install! EFOSAFERTY Flooding Hesco Barriers do not require any site preparation, no equipment or permanent installation.


It doesn’t matter if we talk about strengthening a permanent structure or creating a new barrier, laying sandbags requires hundreds of volunteers, logistical efficiency and efficiency. Since the warnings of a flood often come ONLY 48 hours before the flood hits an area, there is no time to start filling and dispensing enough sandbags. Usually this form of protection is still carried out since there are no other alternatives.

Usage Areas

  • Small moldings
  • Vital infrastructures
  • Home and workplaces
  • Urban areas
  • Temporary basin

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