Facade Security BarriersFacade Security Barriers

Fixed barriers are available in two types as 250 cm and 125 cm in accordance with the legislation. Barriers, posts, and fasteners have passed the tests of static load and dynamic impact, and analyzes of material and structure that are required for the Standard of TS EN 13374.


Bordering BarriersBordering Barriers

Bordering barriers allow you to restrict passing by surrounding the pits or soft floor areas during excavations and similar underground operations.It is also used to prevent entrance to and exiting from the risky areas.


Temporary Stair Security RailingsTemporary Stair Security Railings

These are the barriers that must temporarily be used on the stairwells and on the sides of stairs the actual railings of which have not been completed yet. While designing stair railings, EFOSAFETY produces solutions suiting to different types and measures of stairs and in accordance with the regulations.


Barriers for Elevators and Air ShaftsBarriers for Elevators and Air Shafts

The spaces for elevators and air shafts cause accident as a result of optical illusions expecially at times when lighting is insufficient. This kind of accidents are possible to prevent by placing practical barriers.


Barrier PostsBarrier Posts

In the stable post console bracket system, while mounting three-lock posts to which the stair railings (adjustable rod linkers) are xed- to the concrete, the console bracket is fastened to the concrete with screws, and the post is fastened to this bracket. EFOSAFETY console bracket is used when the distance between concrete edge and edge protection system needs to be adjusted, or if the edge protection system must not touch the working surface. It can easily be mounted on walls and concrete edges.


Rocessing Floor Post and BarriersRocessing Floor Post and Barriers

Compressible post system is a fast and practical means of precaution with its easily dismountable structure; and it is used for the rocessing floors and normal floors. EFOSAFETY offers two types of post systems.

Facade Security Barriers Usage Areas

  • Facade cavities
  • Platform edges
  • Elevator, shaft, fire exit
  • Bright gaps
  • Closing wide openings

Bordering Barriers Usage Areas

  • Soft ground barrier
  • Excavation area around
  • Industrial plants
  • Risky areas

Elevator and Shaft Barriers Usage Areas

  • Elevator Shafts
  • Building Air Shafts

Barrier Posts Usage Areas

Anywhere you need an edge protection bracket, but you also need to reach the work surface.

Rocessing Floor Post and Barriers Usage Areas

  • Processing oors
  • Normal oors
  • Steel constructions
  • Specific Areas

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