358 High Security Fence • We live in uncertain times; political events, rapid social and technological changes and environmental upheavals threaten to undermine what we once thought was safe in our lives.

These are also desperate times for many people who will go to extreme lengths to circumvent established security measures. Therefore, with reliable service and a solid assurance of reliability, it always brings a sense of relaxation when we find a product that meets the most serious security challenges.

EFOSAFETY® 358 High Security Fences provide the highest level of security solution you’re looking for. In security fences, you can relax knowing that your facilities and the valuable livelihoods you have established over the years are protected by the gold standard.

Appearance and visibility are also important elements in modern security measures because no one wants to feel trapped in a prison-like environment. Employees, customers and the general public want to know that they are safe.

358 EFOSAFETY® It is extremely difficult to penetrate high security fences; the small mesh opening is effectively finger-protected and is difficult to attack using traditional hand tools. High security fences are considered one of the most difficult to break the barrier because it is difficult to climb. It is called security fencing and high strength fencing. The high security fence panel can be partially bent to enhance the aesthetic effect.


Anti-climb: Smaller holes do not hold fingers or fingers.
Anti-cut: Robust wire and welded connections make cutting very difficult.
High durability: Superior welding technology and process control create a stronger fusion between wires.

Usage Areas

  • Bridge climb protection and protection safety screening
  • Psychiatric Hospital Security
  • Prison Security
  • Factory Machine Protectors
  • Gate security
  • Airport security
  • Shipping Port Security
  • Electric substation fences
  • Gas pipelines security
  • High-security living area and private field fences

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