In the next 5 years, on 5 continents, our sales increase by 5 times and to be permanent in the countries entered by means of regional representatives is our goal that we internalize, believe, are determined and have reached the path of achieving. Within 5 years, our country and abroad to make our brand a world brand, our current reference to our customers abroad by increasing the name of the brand will reach the goal of the brand will continue our structure.


With its corporate structure, strengthened human resources, stable employees, Efotel acts with the mission of producing innovative, solution-oriented, practical and economic methods. In accordance with its mission, it serves the most appropriate product price, fast service, reliable guarantee service, customer satisfaction, making every customer a permanent reference, making foreign currency in our country and increasing employment.


Efotek Industrial Products and Services Inc. is a Dynamic Engineering and Manufacturing Company consisting of the third generation of young people who have been trading for three generations. From grandfather to granddaughter Kneaded in the trade for more than 60 years, Traditional Commercial is a continuation of a rooted infrastructure and reputation with ethical values.


  • Wire Mesh Panel Group

  • Wire Cable Tray

  • Cage Wire Mesh Group

  • Military Defense Barriers

  • Disaster and Flood Barriers

  • Construction Safety Barriers

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