Steel welded wire mesh panels are produced by welding thick diameter steel wires to form a rectangular or square hole. It is divided into 3 as Painted, Galvanized and Stainless.


  • Bird, chicken and animal cages production

  • Advertising boards and stands

  • In and around elevator shafts

  • In areas like factories as transport cart

  • Fence and railing on garden walls

  • Chemical washing plants

Wire cable trays are installed on the ceiling, wall or under the floor in the building and ensure that the electrical, telephone and data cables stop properly and move to the required places.


  • Chemical Plants (Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, hygiene industry)

  • Mining

  • Cement Plants

  • Santraller

  • Havalimanları

  • Fabrika ve sanayi tesisleri

Thin bar diameters and narrow mesh can be used for all types of mesh. Standard 100 / 200cm. as well as different sizes can be produced. Mesh mats are also galvanized upon request.


  • Poultry (chicken, bird) and other small animal cages

  • Basketball, tennis, football and volleyball courts

  • Metal kitchenware

  • Supermarket and warehouse shelves

  • Small containers and container production in the factory

  • Greenhouse

The unique design, durability and versatility, when the system is combined and filled, will create barriers to the environmental protection area and create obstacles of exceptional strength and structural integrity.


  • Military operations

  • Peacekeeping operations

  • Humanitarian operations

  • Civil operations

EFOSAFETY disaster and flood barriers are the most economical solution on the market to achieve a significant flood barrier height. It is also the most versatile solution we have in adapting to poor ground conditions.


  • Flood, flood prevention

  • Flood wall

  • Versatile floor building blocks

EFOSAFETY Construction Safety Barriers have been manufactured in accordance with the legislation and have successfully passed the static test loads, dynamic impact tests, material analyzes and structural static analyzes required by TS EN 13374 standard.


  • Facade cavities

  • Platform edges

  • Elevator, shaft, fire exit

  • Aydınlık boşlukları

  • Geniş açıklıkların kapatılması

  • Alan sınırlama




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